Bad legal representation or a Scam by Amber Robinson?

BBB Complaint Against Amber Robinson (partner of attorney ralph Strzalkowski)

Amber Robinson was retained by myself to file a case in order to establish a Parenting Plan/Time-sharing Modification. She was paid the retainer fee in July of 2018. Amber Robinson guaranteed that case would be quickly resolved as this is something that was fairly easy and that they handled on a regular basis. Nothing was filed nor received for over 6 months. In January 2019, I requested a refund.

At this point I was told that the paperwork is ready to be filed and that I needed to pay additional moneys for filing fees. I requested a detailed invoice outlining what the initial retainer was spent on and why there is a need for extra money. I did not receive an invoice but was told the money was spent to prepare the documents.

At this point I asked for what was prepared and was told that the Attorney's signatures will need to be redacted at an additional cost. after going back and forth about this a package was finally sent in February. The forms were incomplete and all the information was incorrect on the forms. The forms appeared to have merely been printed off the website and no work done.

At this point I again asked for a detailed invoice of what the money was spent to prepare and is yet to receive an invoice nor any communication of a refund.

"Attorney Amber Robinson has no honesty or integrity"

"Attorney Robinson took so long that I had to go to the child support office myself"

Seems like a description of a client who feels SCAMMED by attorney Amber Robinson

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) I'm not sure if the lawyer herself or if the assistant responded to this complaint. But I only spoke with the lawyer one time in 7 mo this. First I'd like to address all the false statements given by whom so ever replied to the complaint. First off neither the lawyer or her staff reached out to me or myself.

Not by phone nor by email. I sent back an "intake" form which had all requested information at the time. No additional information was asked for regarding my case outside of the so called "intake" form. I obtained this lawyers office for a simple parenting plan.

I made my retainier payment in July which I still have the emailed receipt. Furthermore, I didn't have a child support issue that emerged while they represented me. In addition to that I noticed the reply stated that I was given assistance on that child support issue that didn't exist. And if they could give dates with details of when that occurred that would be greatly appreciated. But it never occurred. Because she was taking so long on my case and I had to keep calling and emailing them I went to the child support office myself and filed for a modification.

This lawyer has no honesty or integrity. I have emails that counterdict the claims that I didn't feel out information as well as the multiple time I myself or my wife tried to reach Ms Robinson's office at no prevail.

I also notice that Ms Robinson or her staff wrote that they took hours to "prepare" documents. But when I asked them to send me what they had prepared for the case to begin. They sent me blanks documents printed from Anyone can download documents off a this public website. Which I did amd it took me all of 5min and I compared it to what they sent me and it was a carbon copy.

The retainer I paid was for documents to be prepared to file with the courts, not a incomplete piece of paper printed from a public website. They added information i never sent to them to the form. The entire process was a mess and I didn't get anything that was promised during our consultation. So I made my retainer payment in July. And I still don't have what was supposed have been prepared. So basically I paid them a retainer to print copies of a parenting/visitation forms and send them out to me blank. I've requested an itamized bill in which I still haven't seen. Nothing in there response was either accurate nor true and I have the documents to proof it. If I need to upload the saved emails I would be more then happy to. Thanks. Respectfully ***** ******