Attorney Amber Robinson violates client privileged confidential info of Dr Theodosatos

Amber Robinson has poor work ethics

Young and inexperienced

Attorney Amber Robinson can't be trusted

Not knowledgeable in what she claims and sells

Charges and doesn't explain

Stay away from attorney Amber Robinson

Note: attorney Ralph Strzalkowski is now a partner of Amber Robinson

Attorney Amber Robinson is not knowledgeable in the field of employment law (she misrepresented her expertise) - she tried to file discovery with the court and had to be sent a letter from the court stating that they do not accept discovery documents. Attorney Amber Robinson is young and inexperienced but the worst part is she continued to act as though she knew what she was doing ultimately wasting my time (scam? deception?)

I would highly recommend staying away from this attorney. I gave her a chance due to my busy schedule and soon found out attorney amber Robinson is not an attorney to trust with your legal matters.

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I wanted to call attorney Amber Robinson, after my colleague recommended her, happy that she helped him to close his case a year ago. But, I decided to take a closer look and Google her. I found out that attorney Amber Robinson exposes her client's names when they share their opinions about her! This concludes that this attorney is inexperienced and not serious! Be careful! Look at the image, I found it on the web.

“This attorney exposes client's name! Do your homework before hiring an attorney!”